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Description of antenna

I use ten galvanized steel spikes. Two meters long on a field of 50 x 15m.

I have placed the antennas so that I can select the ones that best align with the direction I want to explore. The land is oriented east-west.

My position is 48.56N -3.32W altitude 202m. The region is called Brittany, the village Louargat (the fight of the moon in local language).

The spike is driven as far as possible into the ground, protected by a concrete block with inspection cover. An RJ45 cable, shielded with 4 pairs of wires, is connected to the head of the spike. I then protected the cable / spike junction with self-adhesive aluminum tape. The cable is protected by an electrical sheath.
The cable (one per spike) is buried.
The two probes at the end of garden. The road indicates west.
The RJ45 cable – between marshaling box and the shack
Cable between EPA and the marshaling box. The RJ45 cable – each pair is with aluminum foil, there is a copper braid shielding, a pvc jacket. Using this cable assure me the signal is not picked by the cable.